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Simple tools.

Powerful results.




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Search engine friendly


We built the BeesWax web presence platform to make search engines happy and build traffic to your website!  


Powerful built-in keywording, google analytics, customizable sitemaps,  social media sharing, and free trackable tiny URL functionality come standard, with each BeesWax package.


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Build custom forms


Think you might need something more than a simple”contact me” form?  No problem.  


Editing forms and creating surveys is easy and intuitive with BeesWax!


 We manage and store all of your form results, you can message back and forth about wholesale inquiries, or send newsletters to your site visitors on Mailchimp.

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 Etsy integration


BeesWax uses your existing Etsy shop as your ecommerce platform, so you never lose track or have to update anything.


If you add something to your Etsy shop, it shows up on your BeesWax shop page.  If you sell out of something, that item goes away from your website—like magic!


And...unlike some other website builders, with BeesWax, you can show and share your entire Etsy inventory instantaneously.  Whether you have 10 items or 1000, all your items show up on your website.  Not just a few—all of them.  And pages load fast when people visit your site!  

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Customize Everything


If you want a gorgeous website with no work, we got you covered! BeesWax lets you do that in minutes, just choosing colors, fonts and pictures on our super simple page editor.


If you want to go a little bit nuts with layout and design options, we have a 100% codeless page editor that will let you design like a pro. The only limit is your imagination! That means anyone, with a bit of grit or determination, can have a fully-customized website with BeesWax!


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 Millions of design combinations


With BeesWax, uniqueness is beautiful—and simple!


 We give your plenty of gorgeous choices in building your website, from colors, to fontpacks, to our famous”page charms.”


Over 30 million total combinations to choose from—and yet it still really only takes a few minutes to get started. 


That means you can stop worrying about layout and get back to hamering steel in your basement.




Fully-managed cloud hosting


All BeesWax websites are hosted on our dedicated cloud.   This means you have peace of mind, and you can spend more time thinking about your business—not on setting up servers.


BeesWax hosting plans are included in your BeesWax platform subscription, so all you pay for is hosting!  Just 12.99 a month for a website that has everything you need to grow your Etsy shop.



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 Etsy sellers love BeesWax!


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“I’m kind of stupidly excited about how cool my BeesWax website is....”


—Allison Cooper,

Hand letterer, Metalworker, Parent, Badass

Asheville NC 

Quill & Anvil


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Watch how wonderfully easy it is

to build a BeesWax Website.  


A complete, working DIY website for your Etsy shop, live in less than 10 mintues!





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Grow your site with free tips and tricks








Take your site to the next level!

Learn insider tricks about Etsy, marketing,

SEO, and customization.



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BeesWax and Social Enterprise








BeesWax Websites proudly partners with 501c3 groups for economic development in Appalachia.


We hold workshops for local artisans and makers to teach computer literacy, basic web development, and fundamentals of ecommerce.


Have a cause for us?



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