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Meet the effortless website builder

that’s about to make your life a whole lot easier. 

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Hey you over there with the table saw.  

Yes, we see you.  Why are you putting off getting a website?


The marketing geniuses have told you to get yourself a website! You’ve procrastinated putting a website together to promote your Etsy store.  It’s ok.   It seems like a lot of mysterious work, stealing time from your Etsy business, with price tags that run into the thousands.  


Not anymore!


BeesWax websites does (almost) all the work for you!  It only takes a few minutes; it only requires a few decisions.  You get a sexy website...almost instantly.  We know you want to focus your efforts in making and marketing your Etsy items.  Let us help you with that.


Making a BeesWax site is easy!  You can do it.  It’s gonna take you about 5 minutes, and you’ll be all set up.  We want you to see how great this is..and so we are offering you a free trial.


And it’s cheap!  BeesWax charges you nothing to build a site (all the magic and pretty stuff is automated right into the software).  If you like your website (you will!!), we charge you 12.99 in hosting every month.  No strings attached.  No funny business.  Cancel anytime.  It’s that simple.



Click here to build your own BeesWax website.  It’s effortless!

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