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Imagine...a website for your Etsy shop

that really maintains itself!

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Spend more quality time sleeping in, and let BeesWax take care of the hard stuff.


You already do a lot of work listing and shipping stuff from your Etsy shop.  You don’t want to be constantly adding and removing items from your website, too.  If your website isn’t easy to maintain, you know you’re just going to ignore it (maintaining websites isn’t fun), and then your website will eventually become irrelevant and nobody will go there.  Or worse, it will break down completely.  


With BeesWax, your website maintains itself, so you don’t have to worry about it (unless you want to)!  Your BeesWax website is going to stay up to date.  When you post a new Etsy item, a new item will show up in your web-store...and your customers will easily be able to find (and buy) your products.  If someone sends you a message on your website, check your email—it’ll be there!  If you go to the beach for the weekend, when you come back, your website will still be current.  If you spend a month walking the Appalachian trail, your website will hold down the fort.   We have designed it that way!  


We think you’re going to be amazed how easy it is to maintain your BeesWax website.

Let BeesWax do the nerdy work of making sure that your new Etsy items get loaded automatically to your sexy BeesWax website.  Get started for free.  We won’t charge you anything unless you love your BeesWax website, and even then, we’ll only ever charge you for hosting.

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