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Create something truly unique and wonderful!



There’s nobody else like you.  

So why should your website look like everyone else’s?



You’re a very unique person, and there’s a lot of cookie-cutter website solutions that aren’t very unique and don’t do anything for your brand.  What’s the point of having a website at all, if it makes you indistinguishable from everyone else?


Designing your BeesWax website basically requires three decisions: Color, Font, Photos.  Designing an attractive, custom website FAST is our goal.  (Later, you can customize it to your heart’s content).


We think you’ll agree that our websites look great!  We provide more than 65 color packs and more than 70 font template packs, and all of your Etsy photos are automatically available to you when you’re designing your BeesWax webpage.  Plus we have an extra special surprise: Charms!


In total there are over 30 million possible design combinations you can create yourself, with our custom page builder, in about 5 minutes.  And that’s just getting started.


If you want to completely change the look of your BeesWax page, it’s easy, and 100% code free.  In fact, this entire website you’re reading right now was built with the exact same BeesWax pagebuilder we’re offering you today.  And it was built with no code at all.  We think you’ll agree—as far as customization goes, the possibilities are limitless—and easy!  


There is no risk in trying us out...and we challenge you to find another website builder that makes sexy websites as easy as we do!  Click here to start.  


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beeswax logo-positive.png

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