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Custom forms, without the pain and heartache!

(you can thank us later)


It’s never been easier, or more important, to keep in touch.  Here’s how.



An existing customer is significantly more likely to buy from you than a stranger.  

Keeping in touch with your valued customers puts money in your pocket, but you don’t want customers’ (or your) email address hanging out there naked for spammers to see.  


You need a form!  But not just any form.  You need a form that shows up in every browser...and you’d be surprised how many forms can’t do this.  You need a form that lets you know when it’s been used, and stores all the information from the form somewhere you can find it and use it easily.  


Finally, you need a form that asks all the right questions—so it needs to be customizable, and that customization needs to be effortless (otherwise you won’t use it).  


Updating and using your Rolodex should be easy.  Marketing geniuses will tell you how valuable it is to stay in touch with interested buyers...and customers that have already bought from you before.  We make it easy and safe for you to stay in touch with the people who love what you sell.  


Your customer list is kept safely in a little file, tucked away for your eyes only in the dashboard of your BeesWax website, formatted to be copied and pasted into MailChimp, Constant Contact, or the newsletter/email generator of your choosing.


When a buyer finds you and shares her contact information, that is golden!!!  Your BeesWax website gathers and stores that data, so that you can easily reconnect and stay top-of-mind with customers who love your Etsy products.  


Sign up now and you can get started right away (we set you up with some awesome automatic forms as soon as you build your page—you can customize them later to your heart’s content).

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