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Re-discover the power of social media sharing

(now it’s effortless)

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Share on social media via your BeesWax website, and watch your business grow!


Wouldn’t it be cool to post your Etsy items to Pinterest and Facebook with a click or two, and send all that traffic to your website?  Wouldn’t it be awesome if you website visitors could effortlessly post your items to their social media pages? We don’t have to tell you how beneficial social media sharing is for your Etsy shop.  It’s also important for your website!  With BeesWax, you get the best of both worlds.


We feel that we have the best social media sharing buttons in the business!  With a single click, you can share items on the most popular social media sites.  Photographs and a description of your item will pop up automatically, and you’ll be asked to say a word or two about how awesome the handbag you’ve made is going to look with those new boots!

The reason why we make social media sharing so easy is that we want to help you build more traffic to your BeesWax website...so more people see (and buy) your Etsy goods.  


Click here to get started with BeesWax and grow your social media footprint, effortlessly.  

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