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I love your product!  As a long-time Etsy seller this is a brilliant solution.  I’ve toyed with setting up an independent website for a long time, but have never quite pulled the trigger.  The closest I’ve come is a shell website that sends people to my Etsy site, but it’s not nearly as elegantly done as the Beeswax website.  I love that you still use Etsy as the ecommerce platform - completely removes the hassle of managing multiple inventories and payment channels.  


Sumner Smith—Spotted Dog Farm





I love that all of the tedious work of building a web page was automatically done for me. I didn’t have to import listings or add to the menu bar. It was so tidy! All the right information was on the right page the first time I logged in. That left me the energy to use my creative juices on site design and style instead of on importing data. 


Kate Ansari—Dear Baby Products



“Easy to use”


I love the site.  Thank you!


Judith Shumate—SignReads




“Fun and intuitive”


 I love BeesWax because it is an easy, fun, intuitive website host that nearly effortlessly can provide an extension of your existing etsy shop using your own domain.  Annika and the Beeswax Team have been VERY responsive to customer needs and willing to jump in an help whenever I have a question.  I look forward to growing my Etsy business with Beeswax!


Yvonne Patton—CarolinaGirlz2

Ijeoma Eleazu—Etsy Conversations


“Great Service”


I hope the word of your service spreads like wildfire.


Ijeoma Eleazu  


Etsy Conversations  

Ty Hallock: CTO, trusted Sharing


“I’m recommending it to everyone”


I know a lot of crafters, but I don’t do a craft myself.  BeesWax is so cool, it makes me wish I did a craft, so I could have an Etsy shop, just so I can make a BeesWax website.  


Ty Hallock

Chief Technology Officer, Trusted Sharing


“I jumped for joy!”


I jumped for joy when the May 2015 article appeared in Asheville Citizen Times and have been truly amazed by the hands-on involvement from Beeswax. Yesterday I told my sister and daughter that this Beeswax experience has been like having a Webmaster in the Living Room with us!


Marie Colton Woodard

Visual artist

Woodcolt Cottage Industries

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