BeesWax Websites


What are BeesWax websites?


BeesWax websites are simple, beautiful websites designed specifically to give Etsy sellers excellent, professional quality SEO tools for their Etsy shop.  Our websites require very little maintenance.  We kept everything super simple so you can get back and concentrate on what you really love doing (whether it be hammering steel, embroidering hip hop lyrics into cross stitches, or knitting baby blankets), and not have to worry about designing a complicated website from scratch.



How much does BeesWax cost?


$12.99/month.  All you pay for is hosting.



Why are BeesWax websites so cheap?


We beg your pardon; We’re not “cheap,” we’re inexpensiveThere’s a difference!


BeesWax is a high-quality, powerful product, and we priced it affordably because we want everyone with an Etsy shop to be able to enjoy a BeesWax website!  We entered the market with that goal in mind, and we continually look for smart ways to pass savings onto our customers.  


  • We’re a small company with ultra-lean business processes, and those processes mean our sites just cost less!
  • Unlike traditional websites, the BeesWax template is automated, and the content is 100% user generated.  
  • We save money by using YOUR own photos and content from the very start, and not filling up your sites with things like expensive stock photography you’d just want to replace anyways.
  • We’ve created smart keywording algorithms and a super intuitive dashboard, so you can save time and money by not going to an SEO professional just to get set up with the basics.  (We do encourage people to consult professionals on SEO when they want to take their stores to “the next level”.  Our SEO toolkit is intuitive for SEO pros, and they can definitely work with it).  
  • Our powerful site templates are low bandwidth by design, and we use strategic page caching to reduce strain on our servers, so your pages load lightning fast...And we pass the savings onto you!

Why use BeesWax


Etsy is a great e-commerce platform, but Etsy sellers have trouble getting found by Google.  And that’s too bad, because for every 1 visitor on Etsy, Google gets roughly 1000 visitors.  


On Etsy you and your shop are often hiding several levels down on Etsy’s URL.  Having your own website, with a domain to call your own, instantly improves your odds at getting found on Google and social media.  To make things even more effortless,  BeesWax pulls and analyzes content from your Etsy page and generates some keyword suggestions based on what we find.   You may or may not like our automated suggestions.  If you don’t like our suggested search terms, no problem!  That’s we put the meta tags and alt tags right up front on your pagebuilder, where they’re easy to find...and edit to your heart’s content.


If you’ve ever struggled (or failed) with a more generalized website builder (like Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress, etc), you’ll be happy to know that BeesWax gets you a fast, beautiful, affordable website (with really powerful SEO tools) without all the complication.  


What platforms/browsers are supported by the BeesWax sitebuilder?


BeesWax websites are visible to anyone who has the internet, but to build a beeswax website, you need to be on a laptop or a desktop with internet access.  An ipad won’t work (our pagebuilder requires a mouse or a trackpad).


BeesWax software is browser-based, so you can use any standard browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari) to start building your own site. Unfortunately we don’t support Netscape Navigator at this time.


Also, please note: some adblockers prevent the BeesWax website pagebuilder from loading properly. Before you build a BeesWax website, make sure you turn your adblocker off.  


I’m on Artfire/Shopify/Big Cartel/etc.  Can I use BeesWax?


Only if you also have an Etsy shop.  We built it that way to make it super easy for Etsy sellers.  General-purpose website builders that handle multiple channels of ecommerce can be very complicated for new users.

Since we only work with Etsy sellers, we were able to use the Etsy API to cut out a lot of the hard parts of web design: you don’t even have to upload anything to get started.  We pull a lot of your public user content (your about page, your store images, etc) using the Etsy API, so your website gets generated instantly.  And since we use the Etsy ecommerce platform exclusively, you never have to worry about tracking two inventory channels/accounting balances.  Your website always shows exactly (and only) the items that are currently available in your Etsy store, so there’s way less to maintain.


Can BeesWax see my shop credit card info/mess up my store inventory, etc, etc?


Absolutely not!  All of your private Etsy information is protected and encrypted and BeesWax never sees it.  BeesWax is a read-only implementation of Etsy’s public  API, so we can’t change any information about your store, or see any private data—all we do is display what you and Etsy choose to show us (though, to our credit, we display it in a very smart way).


Can having better Google SEO mess up/improve my Etsy search rank?


No!  Etsy and Google are completely separate from each other, and there’s no substantive overlap  between the two systems. The only thing that having good Google SEO will guarantee, is improved search ranking on Google and a wider audience. But our sincere hope and expectation is that a wider reach should improve your sales.


Can I use a custom domain with BeesWax?


Yes, indeed! That’s the whole point!  You’ll start to build your website on a free, temporary URL provided by the BeesWax platform, but you really ought to transfer over to your own custom URL as soon as possible.  (Don’t worry, it’s super easy).  Having your own URL is really fundamental to having good SEO, so we encourage all of our customers to use their own custom domain names.


How do I setup a domain I already own with BeesWax?


Your BeesWax website can use a custom domain like “www.myshopdomain.com” that you’ve bought somewhere else. If you don’t have experience redirecting URLs, don’t worry—it’s painless and we’ll walk you through it!  To get started transferring a GoDaddy domain, follow these instructions.

To transfer to domain on another registrar, get in touch with us on our Support Page and we’ll get right back to you with instructions!  


Is BeesWax Etsy Approved?


BeesWax uses the Etsy API but is not endorsed or certified by Etsy, Inc.  BeesWax, as a read-only implementation of Etsy’s public API, adheres strictly to Etsy’s terms of use, and we meticulously adhere to all Etsy standards of compliance.


How can I tell if I have an effective SEO strategy?


It takes a few weeks for a website to “warm up” to search engines, but over time if you create good (relevant!) content on your website and do social media sharing on a regular basis through your website, you should start to see your website climb in Google rankings.  If you don’t see the search results you expect after a month or two, that’s a strong indication you need to work more than just your meta tags!  


Take a proactive strategy. Share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter often. BeesWax will help you!  We have a gorgeous, flexible Instagram gallery (lightbox, slideshow, or both!) and the best item-by-item social media sharing buttons in the industry.  

Fill up your site with content you know people are looking for—content that’s relevant to you and what you’re selling.  Our blogging tools will help you get started, but the creation and the imagination is up to you.  


BeesWax uses an automated sitemap markup to help search engines understand your site pages better, so for certain search terms you should expect to see visible subpages associated with your search.  Seeing this is another good clue that your site is well-optimized.


On your Etsy shop stats page, you can see all the times anyone landed on Etsy via your BeesWax website under “traffic sources.”


You can also monitor your BeesWax site traffic using the “reports” tab on the left hand side of your BeesWax dashboard page (when logged in, your dashboard is a gear icon in the upper righthand corner of your page header).  


The reports tab on your dashboard where newsletter signup addresses are stored, as well.

If you have an active Google Analytics account you can easily add a tracking code, via the BeesWax dashboard page (site settings tab) to better analyze your site traffic. You’ll want to do this for both of your sites, if Google Analytics are a concern for you (and they should be). Also bear in mind: some  keywords are more competitive than others.  It’s wise to concentrate on so-called “long-tail” search terms in keywording your site.  It’s unlikely your little shop will ever rank at the top of Google for “wedding,” but if you sell (and keyword for) “handmade damask bridal purses,” you’ll be much more visible to anyone who’s looking for that sort of thing. This article is a little dry, but it’s a solid education in keywording for the uninitiated.


If you have an active Google Analytics account you can easily add a tracking code, via the BeesWax dashboard page (site settings tab) to better analyze your site traffic. You’ll want to do this for both of your sites, if Google Analytics are a concern for you (and they should be).


In addition to keywording, backlinking is great for SEO.  Having nice, reputable, friendly bloggers and other websites “mention” your homepage is a good way to boost your search ranking.  Remember, you can mention yourself, too.  On Etsy, Pinterest, Google Plus, and other social media sites.  The more your page is shared, the better your Google juice!


Look for more great tips about SEO on our Tips and Tricks blog and our how-to page.


Will good SEO bring me more sales?


We hope it will help, but we can’t say for certain.  If you build good links to your website on reputable pages, boost your page regularly on social media, choose your content keywords wisely, regularly add good (unique) content to your site, and follow good clean SEO practices (see our Tips and Tricks blog for more SEO tips), you will enjoy a very healthy Google rank.  


That being said, what people do once they find your site on Google depends on a variety of factors that have nothing to do with SEO: your price, your store policies, the quality of your product, your photographs, etc. etc.  


SEO is just one part of an effective marketing strategy, so be sure to take a holistic approach to generating leads and sales on your BeesWax site, and be realistic about what to expect.  


What about duplicate content?


Not everyone cares too much about (or even believes in) Search Engine Optimization, but if you do care, you’ve probably heard that Google isn’t too fond of duplicate content. You may have some questions about what that means for your BeesWax site. And we have answers!


The first thing to know is that BeesWax pulls information from your Etsy shop to populate your Home page and your About page on your brand new website. We do that so your website will look great and work right away! We hope that you will your new website up with fresh and unique content, because that will only help your SEO, but if you’re not really all that into page editing and maintaining websites, we have good news:  Google is actually probably fine with it.  


Google’s long-standing policy on duplicate content is intended to prevent spammers and page scrapers from putting up 30 copies of your website.  They’ve done a pretty good job of cutting down on spammy pages through the policy, but they’ve also grown very intelligent about how they show non-spammy instances where content may be similar between websites, or within a single website.


The item listings on your shop page are in a special, specifically allowable category: syndicated content. Google does not penalize non-spammy, syndicated content.


In conclusion: We encourage you to build up your website and do lots of traffic-building stuff with it over time, but you don’t have to be some fancy kind of SEO expert to be confident that your BeesWax website is already Google-compliant the minute it’s built.


And, if you don’t happen believe in organic SEO, you’ll be happy to know that a BeesWax website works great for paid advertising, SEM, and social media marketing as well.  





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