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Avoiding Duplicate Content

Whatever you just said was plenty nice...but still no need to say it twice.


We at BeesWax don’t want you to start from zero, so we do a few things to make it easier for you to understand and add content to your new site when we generate it.


Some of those things include adding the text of your Etsy shop announcement to your homepage, and putting the text of your Etsy shop’s About page onto the”About Us” page of your website. 


We’d like to encourage you, highly encourage you, not to leave it way, though.  Not even for a minute.  Don’t walk away and forget about it!


Think of all that nice filler text as just our nice way of helping you get your bearings and not start from scratch.  But you really, really, really need to edit it right away.


Why?  Because, in addition to having a nice looking webpage, we also want you to have good SEO.  And there’s a number of reasons why copying and pasting directly from your Etsy site doesn’t do much for your SEO.


1) Google isn’t fond of what it calls”duplicate content”, but it’s not as bad as the peanut gallery might have you believe.  What Google, in particular, is not fond of is spammy duplicate content.  And yes, Google’s AI-driven search tools are sophisticated enough today to make a pretty good wager as to what the wheat is, and the chaff.  Nonetheless, if your page shows too much duplicate content, or looks like it was simply dropped online to give search engines something to chew on, Google will tend to ignore it, or worse, run screaming in the other direction like Danny from The Shining.  Which does nobody any good.  


2) Many Etsy sellers have text in their Etsy Announcement and About sections that are very relevant to their Etsy community, but not relevant to the world at large.  When you look at these sections on your own new webpage, ask yourself”would I understand this if it wasn’t in the context of Etsy?”  If the answer is no, the solution is to edit!


3) Some of you who are just starting out don’t have much information in these sections at all.  If you’re one of those people, it’s time write some dang content!  


So do it!  Get editing!  Keep your site fresh, alive, and relevant.  


Be fearless!  Google will be happy, your shop will get more sales, and we at BeesWax will be happy because YOU’LL be happy because Google is happy and your shop is getting more sales.  That’s a lot of happiness.  And happiness is a good thing.  

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