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It’s not just a blog:

It might look like a humble keyboard, but to you it’s an ass-kicking, name-taking secret weapon in content marketing.


Believe it or not, you can up your blog game to world-class, in just two simple steps.


Step 1:  Kick ass. 


i) Blog frequently, update often.

Keep your blog fresh by posting about 1x/week.  It doesn’t have to be complicated.  A nice listicle is a good place to start for people who are good with pictures and bad with words.  Pictures aren’t your thing?  How about a nice humorous limerick?  Or something you overheard on the subway?  Or interview another blogger to increase both your traffic.  The key is keeping your content genuine and true in spirit to yourself and your brand.


ii.) Share on social media via your blog.  

Found an article that interests you?  Adding something new to your collection?  Don’t just post the bare link to your Instagram on Facebook.  Run it through your blog as the switchboard to get the SEO benefits with no hassle.  (Just share the permalink, or use the built in social media sharing buttons on your BeesWax blog.)


Step 2: Take names


i) Your blog page has a mailing list signup prominently featured up top.  This is because your blog is among the most, if not the VERY most Google-friendly page on your website (depending on how frequently you update it).  Putting a little newsletter signup next to your blog means you can use all of that interest to build your”warm list” of potential customers for your brand.





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