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Discover the power

of not really having to do a whole lot.

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BeesWax:  It’s not magic—It’s automation.



Typically, websites are expensive, they take a long time to make, and they’ve got be maintained constantly in order to benefit you.  

And...you still really need a website!  Let us do it for you!

Your BeesWax website will NOT be expensive (you’ll pay $12.99 per month — and you can try it FREE).  
It is so easy...that you will only spend a couple of minutes to create an awesome, permanent home for your stand-alone Etsy web store. And you don’t need to learn anything about building websites.  

Best of all, the BeesWax robots will maintain and keep your website current...and you will not have to lift a finger (if you don’t feel like it)!

Have you ever fantasized about having a website magically created and maintained for you by your own personal automaton?  Now you can!


Click here to get started with your own (automagic) BeesWax website.  Free trial, no obligation, cancel anytime, yada yada yada...

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