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You’re already spending money and time promoting your Etsy store.  You repost regularly.  Perhaps you write a blog.  You may even be one of the Etsy sellers spending money advertising your goods.  Here’s the problem: at the sale of each item, the visibility you have created disappears!  And you start over from scratch on your next item.  


For the cost of website hosting...we offer Etsy sellers a permanent, automatically updated web store.  Your website stays as current as your Etsy store...with one distinct difference: the links you build on your BeesWax website (marketing, blogging, and social media sharing) will always benefit you...and the more you boost your website, the higher your visibility will be.  Over time, you will enjoy greater visibility and earn the internet’s respect as a well-respected seller of remarkable goods!  


Your website is the key to building a permanent storefront.  What do we mean by this?  Unless you are using your own website to promote your Etsy items, you’re renovating the kitchen in a rented house.  Etsy is your landlord.  When you have a stand-alone BeesWax website, each of your Etsy items leaves a durable historical trail, and the internet can find you forever...again and again!  


You’re already Promoting your Etsy items.  When you promote your Etsy items through your BeesWax website, you’re building brand equity on the internet!


There’s no risk to trying a BeesWax website and seeing what it can do.  Free trial, no obligation, cancel anytime.  All we ever charge for is hostingójust 12.99 a month.  Click here to get started!

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