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Finally, a website builder that makes it easierónot harderóto sell your stuff on Etsy.


Etsy is a great place to sell, partly because it is a marketplace Buyers trust.  If a website platform requires buyers to leave Etsy, or doesn’t update your inventory seamlessly, it’s doing you more harm than good. It is making more work for you...and buyers may be scared to open their wallets in an unfamiliar marketplace. That’s why you’re using Etsy!  Etsy sellers told us that they wanted a website to increase visibility...because increased visibility leads to increased sales, but nobody told us they wanted to completely reinvent the wheel on how they sell.  And everybody told us: Make it easy!


We love Etsy!  Buyers already trust spending money there.  Your BeesWax website will seamlessly connect buyers to your Etsy store, where the sale will close just the way it has always happened.  The purchase (and any inventory adjustments) happen on Etsy.  BeesWax robots monitor your Etsy inventory constantly, adjusting your shop automatically as you sell or post new items.  


You’ll be amazed how naturally it happens!  Buyers go directly to your Etsy store directly from your webpage with the “Buy on Etsy” button. BeesWax websites lets you continue to post new items and sell them on Etsy. The only thing we hope you’ll adjust is to shift your usual marketing and promotion efforts to your own personal BeesWax website.


This will supercharge your Etsy store without any additional effort! We know you want to work smarter, and to start building your web brand upon the stable, trustworthy foundation Etsy offers.    


Click here to start for free, and see how easy it is to build on the all amazing things you’ve already done with Etsy.  

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