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Fearless Keywording:

Yes, you really can do something great for your business without ever leaving the comfort of your picture-perfect modern-rustic bedroom suite.


You ever hear the old joke about the SEO who walked into a bar, pub, drinking establishment, nightclub, tavern, happy hour, disco, dance hall, cristal, grey goose, dancing, downtown attractions, drink specials, craft cocktails, well drinks.....?


Keywords, like pipes, aren’t magical.  But if you’re spending the day in bed and want something interesting to think about, other than the cracks in the ceiling plaster, spend some time meditating on keywords, and (more importantly, perhaps) matching your content to them.  


Keywords are slippery little buggers.  Too many and you’ll slide your website right back into obscurity for unnatural-sounding language and irrelevant content.  Too few and, well...some people think there is no such thing as too few keywords in the metatags, but the traditionalists among us still like to have them there.  If only for good luck.  


Go for the long tail


In the olden days, it used to be that Google took a hard look at metatags and a soft look at content.  So to really focus the searches on your site, it behooved you to really amp up your meta keywords.  Nowadays, really all you need is between 5 and 20 keyword *phrases* that describe what your site mostly does.  And these phrases should be”long tail,” for the most part.  That means: things that would be relevant to your site, moreso than to your competitors’ sites.  You might never go head-to-head against theknot.com and Martha Stewart for the keyword”wedding,” but if you happen to sell”hand-crocheted alpaca wool wedding veils,”  anyone searching Google for that specific thing is going to be very happy to find you.


Tout your brand names


Google is particularly fond of brands, these days, so if you happen to sell a lot of”vintage Lily Pulitzer dresses,” or”estate Trifari costume jewelry” that’s probably something you’re going to want to talk about, both in your content and your metatags.  

Keep it focused


Keywords don’t work exactly like Etsy tags; you don’t want someone searching for halloween items to stumble upon your handmade terra cotta kitty litter boxes.  Because Halloween >> Black Cat >> Kitty >> Kitty Litter is a huge cognitive stretch, and Google doesn’t do big cognitive stretches.  Google likes narrowly focused concepts.  If you’re selling kitty litter boxes, concentrate on terms like”cat supplies”,  ”handmade cat accessories,” etc.  If your items aren’t specifically (and only) for a holiday or occasion, don’t mention it in your keywords.  


BeesWax tries to get you started with meta keywords by taking your top 20 etsy tags and putting them into a comma-separated list of search terms.  These will probably be pretty close, but not exactly what you’ll want to keep, so don’t be afraid to edit them.


Yes, There is absolutely such a thing as too many keywords.


If your keywords don’t match your page content, that’s the first sign you have a problem, but there are plenty of other symptoms.


Too many keywords will dilute your visibility in Google, because it will have difficulty understanding what it is your page is about.  Too many keywords might make search engines think you’re a spammer, too.  So keep it reasonable in number, and relevant in scope.  


Keywords that aren’t relevant may draw visitors to your site who”bounce” because your content isn’t what they were actually looking for.


Work your content!


Have rich, contextual, and meaningful content, with the words you want people to relate to your site, located near the top of what you’re writing.  Imagine what a buyer will be looking for in terms of helpful text, and then write your text to meet those expectations.


Be unique!  Meticulously crub your site of duplicate content.  BeesWax auto-generates your site with text from your Etsy page.  Start here, but edit it.  A lot.  Until your site is truly one-of-a-kind.


In conclusion:


Keep it short, contextual, and meaningful!  Be eloquent! Be unique!



Resources to find good keywords:


Etsy vs. Google (Work Your Art)

40 title tag SEO factors (White.net)

Metatag Optimization (SiteGround)

Alt tags for Images (Digital Sherpa)

Google Trends (measure frequency of keyword search terms)







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