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Help your friends out with backlinks, or make a little money with affiliate links

(It’s your very own website, so why not use it to promote  all the folks you like?)


One of the nice things about having your own website, is being able to participate more fully in the whole website ecosystem.


You’ll start noticing, for instance, that links to your friends’ websites on your own webpage, pack a much bigger punch than linking to those same websites on Facebook, or Twitter.  If you’re feeling generous, your friends will certainly be grateful for the nod you gave them by linking their sites on your homepage.


It’s incredibly easy to make a backlink on your BeesWax website, and you can do it without any code at all!


Your friends aren’t the only people who appreciate linking on your website.  Other businesses like it too, and these cases, the links have a currency value.  This pay-for-links phenomenon is known as”Affiliate Marketing.”  


Affiliate marketing is popular because it brings in (a tiny bit) of money if someone buys something because they saw it featured on your site.  That means that you can make money here and there without too much effort.


There are many companies that have affiliate links available.  BeesWax doesn’t endorse any of them in particular, but (hopefully) it’s nice to know that BeesWax supports you if you want to do this...


For more information and instructions on adding affiliate links to your website, click here.






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