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Some sellers do all of their business online through e-commerce.  Many don’t.  If you’re one of the many sellers who’s got a presence craft fairs, flea markets, bazaars, conventions, or local shops, your website should definitely talk about it!  Search engines love to show local options first for search terms, so having an optimized website definitely gives you a boost in your hometown.  And—lucky you—it’s very easy to do!


The first thing you’ll probably want to do is add an interactive Google map to where you sell stuff.  Check out this quick video to show how to add a map of your own—it only takes a few seconds.   You can add it on your”home” page, your”shop” page, your”about” page, or even on an entirely new page you create just for maps and local information.  


The next thing you’ll want to do is go to Google My Business and sign up to get your business locally verified by Google (they send you a postcard in the mail and you just punch in a few numbers when it arrives—again, it only takes a minute or two to complete).


This will add a nice graphic business overview in the right hand column of local searches for your business, or for search terms that you rank high for locally.  It shows Google reviews, shop hours, contact information, an address (with directions), and a link to your Google Plus page.  Here’s an example of what ours looks like at BeesWax.  It took a few weeks for this business overview to show up, so if yours doesn’t happen right away, just be patient!   I suspect that some basic SEO best practices (having an active Google+ page, adding fresh and relevant content to your site regularly, not being spammy, having a few local businesses linking back to you, etc), may serve to speed up the localization a bit.  


In addition to the cute righthand overview, your business will rank higher for local searches in Google for the same search terms, if you’re verified locally.


When traffic does come locally, take advantage of the Etsy mobile credit card reader, and easily track your inventory using the same system you use for Etsy.  If you sell something via the card reader, your Etsy shop will reflect the sale immediately, simplifying things for you even more!  There’s no transaction fee to Etsy for this system, just a  credit card processing fee (2.75%).   

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