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Get 1000% more out of your BeesWax site—

without spending a single red cent more!


Ever go to an all-you-can-eat buffet?  Like in Vegas? Not a gross one with dodgy prime rib from last Friday, but a nice one where the stuff looks nice and tasty and fresh.  


What do you do?  Do you just nibble at the edges of the garnishes, or do you get your money’s worth?


If you’re like us, you’re digging into the Beef Wellington, ordering extras on the beluga, and getting bottle service on the Moet.  Because that makes sense.  You paid a flat rate for service, so get whatever you can out of it!


Beeswax is a bit like that.  We give you an empty plate, and tell you to”dig in.”  And we’re quite serious about the digging in part.


We offer you a website with the potential to do a ton for your Etsy business.  We offer it at a flat rate.  Which means you don’t pay a penny more, whether you get 10,000 vistors a day, or whether your website just sits there and looks pretty with no-one to see.


It’s time to be brave, y’all, and start digging in to the features*.  



There’s no champagne room here.  No velvet rope.  Everyone gets the same access to amazing features, whether or not you choose to use them.  


Why wouldn’t you use them? 



Add a high-traffic blog.  Add an Instagram gallery.  Throw in a map if you’re local.  How ‘bout a nice full-width slideshow jumbotron, that links to some pages on your site?  What about parallax scrolling?  WHY NOT??


How about contextual landing pages for SEO search terms?  With BeesWax, these can be ready in a minute or two.


Add some affiliate links to turn your BeesWax website into an instant monetization platform.


Throw in some live-updated content from Google.  How about a slideshow that you can update without even logging in to your BeesWax site?  How about embedded vlogs you can add remotely?


Mess around with your mailing list to make it more personal and targeted.  Add questions.  Add surveys.  Make it your own.


And that’s just the beginning...


This is your opportunity to tell the whole world about YOU—what are you waiting for?  


At BeesWax, unlimited bandwidth, features, and storage mean we want you to use this stuff.  We want you to be the biggest thing the internet has ever seen!


If you’re really the kale-nibbling, leave-well-enough-alone type, fine.  We’ll give you an instant website that works as advertised.  But boring!


But...If you’re a Moet-guzzling, Beef Wellington-eating, beluga-scarfing want-it-all-right-now type (like we are), hooray!  


BeesWax is made to help you be successful.  At a ridiculously low cost (the exact same price as an unaltered BeesWax website), you can have so much more.  Ten times more.  A hundred times more.  The sky’s the limit.  We want you to succeed.  We want you to push the limits of what you think a website can do.  And we’re here to help!


Introducing the”You break it, We fix it” guarantee:  


We are so eager for you to get the most out of your website that we will move heaven and earth to get you there.  You decide what you want your website to look like and do.  You know what you want;  make it happen.  


There’s no more reason to be timid with a BeesWax website than there is to be timid asking a waiter for a fresh plate at a buffet.  You paid for it—go ahead, get your money’s worth.  


All of this is 100% code-free, and we’re so confident in the strength of our platform, we guarantee it.


If you try something new, something adventurous, something exciting, on BeesWax and it doesn’t turn out 100% to your expectations,  let us know.  We can usually get you fixed and set up in just a few minutes.  Our customer service is world class, and we’ve never seen a problem we couldn’t get a handle on.


You break it, we fix it.  Guaranteed.


Consider it your ticket to a website you could only imagine a professional making.  It’s made.  By you.  For the same price as sitting there and doing nothing.  


If you break it and we can’t fix it, it’s free!


 Questions?  Contact us at support@beeswaxwebsites.com


*certain features are optimized for desktop visitors only.  Ask us if you have specific questions

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