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Do these three things today, and your SEO will take care of itself:

The three pillars of meaningful online presence


What’s the difference between having a website that works, vs having a website that just sits there?  Inevitably, it boils down to how you use it.  Here’s the three secrets marketing experts know that make SEO on your website effortless and powerful—because your SEO is actually taking care of itself!


1) Social Media


Website designers sometimes talk about bad websites as “gravestones” on the internet.  They give basic information (your name, the name of your shop, maybe some pictures) but no opportunity for meaningful interaction.  Typically the only people who visit these sites are the site owners themselves, and close friends and family.  Gravestones, indeed.


Nobody wants a dead website.  


The best way to keep your website alive and vibrant, every day, starting today, is social media sharing.  While SEO has long-term benefits in search results, social media sharing drives traffic immediately, and the results are immediately visible in analytics.


If you’re thinking of SEO first and social media sharing second, you have your priorities backwards.  Social media sharing drives search engine benefits.  Meaningfully, consistently, and measurably.  In the meantime, as your SEO is getting ramped up, you’re getting immediate real-world results by creating touchpoints for your brand and increasing your online footprint and market share.  


Sharing daily on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram means more people exposed to more of your brand.  Sending them to your website gives them an opportunity to see exactly what your brand story is, to explain yourself in a meaningful way.  


Try this experiment.  Share something from your website every day on social media.  Use the social media sharing items on your BeesWax shop listings to make it easy to find you (don’t just keep reposting your homepage).  Take a look at your page traffic and watch the numbers go up. 


Don’t just post listings and walk away, either.  Use social media as a way to engage with customers.  Share stuff that interests you.  Reply to tweets.  Follow interesting people and pages.  Become a member of a community—a member with a story to tell.


2) Content is king


While you’re building an online presence via social media for your website, remember that the more interesting and useful your website is, the more likely you are to create meaningful and engaged relationships with visitors.  


It’s nearly impossible to overstate the importance of content in this equation.  BeesWax websites are an excellent platform to create and share the kind of content that drives traffic and builds search rank.  


Here’s some great content to add right away, that is meaningful and useful for your visitors (and also Google, BTW):


Add an Instagram gallery for visual appeal—it takes only a minute or so.


Add an address page and a map to increase your local foot traffic (if you sell anything locally).  


Add a blog to create fresh content every day, every week, or whenever the spirit moves you.  Share your blog posts instantly using permalinks or social media buttons.  Get your story told!


Update your homepage and “about” page frequently to show your page in the best light.  Is Christmas coming up?  Talk about holiday shopping.  Add a festive snowy photo of your product.  Do you sell some particularly hard-to-find vintage brands?  Talk about those on your homepage.  Put up a picture of some amazing item and be sure that the brand name is in the alt tag to attract people who may be searching by image.


Content, content, content—that’s what your users are looking for!  The more content, the better!


3) Mailing lists are your friend!


If someone comes to your page and wants to see more, guess what they do?  They sign up for your mailing list.  Guess what you should do with that list?  Use it!


Building a mailing list of interested customers is a fantastic way to create engagement and drive traffic with people you know are already interested in your site.  You know this, because they told you so!


As soon as you start seeing mailing list signups, do what smart marketers do and export those addresses to a commercial email newsletter builder like MailChimp.  And start sending emails right away.  Let your interested visitors know about coupons, promotions, new items, interesting things that happened in the studio, etc.  Think of this as content that you are giving to the very most interested segment of your site visitors.  The people who told you they wanted to hear more.  These are the people who are most likely to come back to your site.  The people who are most likely to talk about you, and the people who are most likely to buy from you.  Engage them!




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