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As a website owner your goal is to provide people with a reason to visit you.


It’s all too easy to get hung up on very complex SEO stuff that experts argue back and forth about, but the solution is right there in front of your nose.  Your customers spend hours a day on social media (just like you do).  They click things that they find interesting (just like you do), and they want to find your webpage.  We made it easy for you, to make it easy for them.  Share and engage with your audience, and do it every day.  It’s going to do a lot more for your business than “hearting” cat pictures all day long.


BeesWax gives you the exact tool you need to engage these social media clients.  With a single click you will see an immediate result in traffic, simply by sharing your stuff.  BeesWax gives you social media buttons that drive traffic to each individual shop item you have listed, and since it goes through your website, you build up your page rank and authority over time, leading to better Google results.  This one simple thing will have tremendous value to your shop’s value, your brand, and (hopefully) more sales for you!


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