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Hey there, cutie, your stuffing is showing!

Keyword stuffing, Google, and Etsy:  What works, what to avoid


Someone asked us yesterday if adding”loose” keywords to shop About pages, item descriptions, and shop announcements is likely to get any play on Google and/or Etsy.  Here’s the long and the short of it:


First, it’s not likely to help at all with Google SEO (Google prefers natural language, relevant content, and they’re very smart about it knowing what isn’t that).


Second, Etsy is not so aware of keyword stuffing (they don’t have Google’s AI countermeasures in place).


We absolutely have seen Etsy shops do this, and it seems work—to some extent—on Etsy only.  As far as Etsy is concerned, the lower your keywords are down in your content, the less precedence they take, and the higher they are, the more distracting they are to human readers. So use with caution.


It’s important to remember, any passive keywording isn’t likely to drive as much traffic as an active technique, and active traffic is driven on Google through fresh, helpful, engaging content and a robust schedule of social media sharing.  


In the long run, natural, readable language and natural human activity is the key to success on Google, and we can help you get there!  We encourage you to explore BeesWax’s blogging features and social media sharing features to drive meaningful activity to your page and build up your Google juice over time.  

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